Emergency Surgeries

Have an equine emergency? We’re here for you.

Fracture Repair

Fracture repair requires careful assessment through imaging and surgical planning to prepare for the procedure. Most fractures do not require emergency surgery but should be treated as an emergency to stabilize the fracture site and the patient.

Once the patient is stabilized the fractured bone can then be repaired. Not all bones are amenable to repair, and the surgical success of those that are will depend on the anatomical location, fracture configuration, extent of tissue trauma, and the age, temperament and weight of the patient.

Joint and Tendon Sheath Infections

Joint, tendon sheath and bursal infections are always an emergency and should be attended to immediately. These structures will require surgical debridement and lavage as well as aggressive antibiotic treatment through local and regional limb perfusions.

Tendon Laceration and Ruptures

Rectal Lacerations