We purchased a state-of-the-art, open rotating magnet, Esaote Vet-MR Grande XL, and built a customized room at our facility, ensuring our clients get the best care. The Esaote equine MRI scanner provides the data we need to create a successful treatment and rehabilitation plan for your horse.



Before equine MRI scanning occurs, horses are safely anesthetized by our experienced staff members for the imaging process, ensuring they can safely be placed in the magnet and there is no movement during the scanning process. This is very helpful to identify injuries to soft tissue and bone, particularly in regions of the body that are highly susceptible to movement, such as in the upper limb. The horses are monitored and maintained under anesthesia by highly trained staff during the procedure.

MRI with the Esaote can image large areas such as the horse’s stifle, head, and parts of their neck. With its amazing versatility and rotational ability, our equine MRI scanning can also accommodate small animals providing improved diagnoses of neurological problems as well as orthopedic or soft tissue injuries.