Equine X-Ray : Digital Radiography


We take pride in providing high quality equine x-rays for a faster and more accurate diagnosis.

Equine X-Ray / Radiography for Horses in Arizona

The invention of digital radiography, or digital X-ray, equipment has made the process of taking horse x-rays much easier and much more mobile. Digital equine X-ray is the electronic capture of an X-ray exposure. The exposure is captured in a device that converts the horse X-rays to a digital signal, which is then represented on a viewing monitor for diagnosis. More about the different types of horse radiography equipment can be found here.

With this mobile technology, we are able to take high-quality, high-resolution images of the area of concern. That means wherever you are, we can be there to help. We can then display the results on our computer screen in a matter of seconds, instead of having to wait to develop the films.

Our clients are thrilled when we say that we can bring our digital radiography equipment out to their location and get the same high-quality results.

In our viewing room or from the laptop computer in our cars, we are able to manipulate and magnify the horse x-ray images so we can better evaluate each radiograph and provide an accurate diagnosis.

Digital radiography is an invaluable tool for lameness evaluations and pre-purchase exams, as well as during orthopedic surgeries. If you feel the need, we can also email the equine X-ray images to you, as well as to your referring veterinarian or trainer.