We offer a wide range of equine sports medicine services, including equine evaluations, imaging, diagnostics, and surgery as well as equine regenerative therapy. Many of these services can be delivered at your location so give us call to get more details on how we can help.


Lameness – During our horse lameness evaluation, our veterinarians will evaluate the horse’s abnormal gait or or stance to get to the root of the problem to provide the best treatment possible.

Pre-Purchase – An equine pre-purchase examination (PPE) is a specialized examination that helps to identify problems, or potential problems, with the horse performing its intended function. This examination can be done pre-sale or pre-purchase.

Respiratory – A professional and comprehensive respiratory evaluation can help to diagnose the root of many breathing problems. With a combination of diagnostic tests, we are then able to find the cause of the respiratory issue and recommend treatment to begin the healing process as quickly as possible.

Imaging & Diagnostics

Digital Radiography (X-ray) – High quality digital radiography leads to faster and more accurate results. We bring our mobile X-ray equipment to you and display the results in a matter of seconds.

Ultrasound – Ultrasonography is an important tool to guide the rehabilitation process and to determine when injuries have healed enough for a safe return to work. Ultrasonography is also used to accurately guide the injection of regenerative therapies into injured areas of tendons and ligaments.

Bone Scan – Using nuclear scintigraphy, or bone scans, we are able to detect issues with the equine bone structure that may not be apparent on a radiograph or ultrasound.

Equine MRI Scan – Our Esaote magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner provides the highest-quality images to provide the best possible treatment. While the horse is under general anesthesia, we can accurately identify where injuries to soft tissue and bone are occurring without question.

Respiratory Endoscopy – Upper airway conditions can limit your horse’s performance and require either static or dynamic endoscopy. We have the capability to examine the upper airways of your horse under normal exercising conditions.

Gastroscopy – Gastroscopy is a reliable technique to verify if your horse has ulcers, and identify tumors, impactions, and other issues.

Equine Lab Work – Cave Creek clinicians can perform routine blood work and evaluate (cytology) blood samples and fluid aspirates of joints. All other laboratory work can be obtained rapidly from our extensive network of university and commercial laboratories.

Small Animal Imaging – More than just horses, Cave Creek staff can handle small animal anesthesia for routine scans in the non-critical and emergency patient.

Regenerative Therapies

Stem Cell Therapy – Stem cell therapy is a viable option for horses suffering from arthritis, a tendon injury, or a ligament injury. We offer both VetStem cell and VetGraft PulpCyte therapy to our patients. 

IRAP – IRAP®, Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein, therapy is now available and showing promising results for the treatment of osteoarthritis in horses

PRP – PRP therapy can be a useful addition to treating horses with tendon injuries, suspensory desmitis, and experimental lesions to the superficial digital flexor tendon.

Surgical Services

Emergency Equine Surgeries – Cave Creek surgeons are available for emergency surgeries to treat fractures, joint and tendon sheath infections, tendon lacerations and ruptures, and rectal lacerations.

Equine Orthopedic Surgeries – After a thorough evaluation and diagnosis by our skilled equine vets, we may recommend one of several non-emergency equine orthopedic surgical treatments, including arthroscopy, fracture repair or foot surgery.

Upper Respiratory Surgeries – After proper diagnosis, our highly skilled surgeons may have to perform upper respiratory surgery to repair laryngeal hemiplegia, dorsal displacement of the soft palate (DDSP), arytenoid chondritis, epiglottic entrapment, and other rare respiratory conditions.

Equine Abdominal Surgeries – Two abdominal surgeries we perform here at Cave Creek Equine Surgical & Imaging Center are laparoscopy and hernia repair.

Equine Dental Surgery – Catching potential equine dental problems early in life can prevent life threatening conditions later. A complete equine dental is recommended every year. In the event that surgery is needed, Cave Creek Equine Surgical & Imaging Center is equipped with surgery facilities and surgeons experienced in dental surgery.

Equine Tumor Removal – Cave Creek surgeons are skilled in tumor removal procedures, including removal of intra-abdominal, skin, and hoof tumors.

Equine Urogenital Surgeries – Equine urogenital surgical procedures involve either the urinary or reproductive systems. Our surgeons can perform routine castrations, castration of the cryptorchid stallion, removal of bladder stones, bladder rupture repair, hernia repair, and urine pooling surgery.

Equine Rehabilitation Services

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