Equine Dental Surgery

Catching dental issues early can prevent life-threatening conditions later.

Cave Creek Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery is equipped with surgery facilities and surgeons experienced in dental surgery.

A horse should have his first dentist visit as a yearling. Catching potential problems early in life can prevent life threatening conditions later. Having a dental performed on your horse every year will keep his teeth working properly and wearing correctly.

Horse teeth are different from human teeth in that they slowly emerge from the tooth socket as the horse ages. This allows for the teeth to be worn down by the abrasive feed they eat.

However, if the teeth wear unevenly, the chewing motion and tooth growth can result in damage to the teeth which can become progressively worse with time.

The sharp points that develop on the edges of the teeth as they wear can cause damage to the sensitive tissues of the cheek and tongue. Behavior issues can result due to pain as the bit and bridle cause pressure to sore areas in the mouth. Occasionally dental surgery is required for conditions such as rotten teeth, fractured teeth, jaw trauma or extensive corrective procedures.