Equine Surgical Vet : Surgeries

Emergency Surgeries

If you need a horse surgical vet during an emergency. We’ve got you covered. Our surgeons perform fracture repair, joint and tendon sheath infections, tendon lacerations and rupture, and also anal rupture.

Equine Orthopedic

After a thorough evaluation and diagnosis by our skilled equine surgical vet, we may recommend one of several equine orthopedic surgical treatments. Some of the orthopedic services that are offered:

  • Arthroscopy
  • Fracture repair
  • Foot surgery

Upper Respiratory Surgery

After proper diagnosis, our highly skilled horse surgeons may have to perform upper respiratory surgery. There is a variety of upper respiratory surgeries performed in the equine athlete for these common conditions, laryngeal hemiplegia, dorsal displacement, arytenoid chondritis, and also epiglottic entrapment.

Abdominal Surgery

Two abdominal surgeries we perform here at Cave Creek Equine Surgical & Imaging Center are laparoscopy, and hernia repair.

Equine Dental Surgery

Catching dental issues early can prevent life-threatening conditions later. Cave Creek Equine Surgical & Imaging Center is equipped with surgery facilities and equine surgical vets that have experience in dental surgery.

Equine Tumor Removal

Our skilled horse surgical vet team here at Cave Creek can handle your tumor removal needs. Surgical procedures include removal of intra-abdominal, skin, and hoof tumors.

Urogenital Surgeries

Surgical procedures that involve either the urinary or reproductive systems are performed by our equine surgery vet. Some of the surgeries we perform are castration, bladder stones, bladder ruptures in neonatals, hernia repair, and urine pooling surgery.

Other Surgeries