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Common Horse Diseases

HORSE DISEASE: STRANGLES We also have another Common Bacterial Disease: Strangles sound nasty, and it is. This horse disease is caused by the Streptococcus equi bacterium, this disease affects the lymph nodes. Strangles commonly occurs in younger horses between the ages of four months and

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Why an Equine MRI?

The number one reason for needing an MRI scan is equine lameness. There are many factors that can cause this painful condition, such as issues with the soft tissue structure and bone injuries. Diagnosing lameness requires a keen understanding of equine anatomy and physiology, conformation

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Covid-19 Update

The health and well-being of your horse is and always will be our top priority.  At this time, our hospital and ambulatory services remain open.  In an effort to continue to provide veterinary care responsibly during these times, we are making changes following CDC and

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