Stem Cell Therapy for Equine Injuries

Stem cell therapy is an exciting new area of treatment for equine injuries and the early research is very encouraging.

Stem Cell Therapy for Horses in Arizona

If your horse has arthritis, a tendon injury, or a ligament injury then we suggest you consider stem cell therapy.

One example of how effective stem cell therapy can be is our story of Serena. Serena had a previous history of laminitic episodes and experienced a flare up 2 years prior to presentation. She was treated at Cave Creek Equine Surgical & Imaging Center by Dr. Vidal for laminitis with two doses of VetGraft PulpCyte under ultrasound guidance.

Watch the videos to see her amazing recovery!

Day 0

Day 12


Vet-Stem Cell Therapy for Horses

At Cave Creek Equine Surgical & Imaging Center we are proud offer Vet-Stem Cell Therapy to our patients. Thousands of horses have now been treated with stem cells from their own fat for joint disease and tendon and ligament injuries. Not only that, but Vet-Stem is constantly developing new uses for stem cells that may be available in the near future.

What Results Have Horse Owners Reported?

  • Suspensory Ligament Injuries: 85.7% returned to Full Work – Prior Level, and stayed in full work for at least 1 year
  • Tendon Injuries: 77% returned to Full Work – Prior Level
  • Joint Disease: 57% returned to Full Work – Prior Level

Stem Cell Therapy in Development

Vet-Stem is currently evaluating the use of stem cells for treatment in:

  • Laminitis
  • Uveitis
  • COPD (Heaves)